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How do I find an Ice Sculpture Company in Singapore?

Tuck Lee Ice is an Ice Sculpture Company. Tuck Lee welcomes you to the world of Ice Sculptures! Tuck Lee Ice brings you on an exciting journey towards Ice Sculpting and Installation, to understand the art of Ice Carving as well as to consider having an Ice Sculpture as the centrepiece of your next event.

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You have landed on this page because you have been searching for Ice Sculpture Singapore or an ice sculptor or maybe even an ice carving company

  • Ice Sculpture Singapore by Tuck Lee Ice, provides Ice Sculpting and Installation.
  • Tuck Lee Ice does Ice Sculpting the modern way, highly innovative but practical manner for all our clients.
  • Ice Sculpture Singapore : Ice Carving for Product Launches, Corporate Events, Exhibitions & Weddings – Tuck Lee Ice | Trusted Ice Supplier in Singapore. Buy Ice! We are your one stop ice shop for everything cold!

Ice Sculpture Services | Corporate Events and Weddings‎

All-in-one ice sculpting services, from concept to carving and installation. Wide range of designs. Customised ice sculptures. Expert craftmanship. Handcrafted sculpture. Services: Corporate events, Weddings, Birthday parties.

Ice Sculptures For Events | Hire An Ice Luge | Ice Sculptor

Creating something unique and memorable, whether a company logo, effigy of a person, or model of a product, object or animal with our ice sculptures. Festive Ice Sculptures – Ice Sculpting Company in Singapore, that creates Ice Sculpture for weddings, baby showers, engagements, corporate events as well as others events like birthdays, monthsary, anniversary and more…

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