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Buy Ice Ball Singapore provides you with Customised Ice Cube, Whisky Ice Balls, Crystal Clear Ice Balls or Customised Ice Cubes for your whiskey and cocktails at home. Its simply IMPRESSIVE! Are you searching for ice sculpture carving service or specifically ice balls for your whisky? Welcome to Whisky Ice Ball Singapore!!

The Wonders of Ice Balls

Unwind with a glass of whisky at home… Now you can enjoy your favourite Whisky with our perfectly hand crafted whisky ice ball..

An ice cube chills and dilutes the whiskey, and then keeps on diluting it as it melts. Of course, this is going to happen with any ice, but what if you could slow down the melting of the ice, while still using actual ice (instead of “fake” ice)?

The practise of putting an ice ball in your favourite Whisky dates back a long time.. Come and enjoy your favorite Whisky or spirit with our perfect Ice Ball to enhance that perfect flavour of your favourite spirit!

Round ice helps solve this problem. You see, it’s about volume and surface area.

sphere exposes less surface area for the same amount of volume than a cube of ice.

So, if you have a cube that is the same volume as a sphere, the sphere will actually have a lot less surface area, over 24 percent less.

The less surface area that is exposed to the warm liquid, the slower the ice will melt. Therefore, a sphere of ice will melt more slowly in a drink than a cube of ice. This way, you can chill the drink without quickly diluting it.

  • Why do people like Ice Balls in their drinks over Ice Cubes?
    Ice Balls are fascinating! Ice balls are the choice of liquor connoisseurs and mixologists who prefer a lightly chilled drink. Unlike tubed ice, ice balls have significantly less contact area with the drink, thereby ice balls will melt at a slower rate; thus enabling you to enjoy your drink with significantly less dilution.
  • Ice Balls are not only for Whisky, Ice Balls for Coffee too!
    Do Ice Balls and coffee go together well? Does Ice Ball affect the taste of coffee? Coffee drinkers across the world swear by ice balls in their coffee! Because, dropping an ice ball into your coffee allows you to enjoy maximum flavour on your coffee and drink your coffee with minimal dilution.
  • Whisky Ice Balls or Ice Balls with your favourite alcoholic drink!
    Whether you like Whisky or any other alcoholic drink, you just can’t deny that Ice Balls work on alcoholic drinks too! Just put it in your scotch on rocks, Jack & Coke or a Gin & Tonic drink and start to see the difference and enjoy a better tasting drink without it being too watered down! Use an ice ball when enjoying your favorite spirit to get the perfect flavour!
  • What makes an ice ball so fascinating? It is the secret spherical refraction of the light that passes through the ice ball giving it an instant charming magic and an aura unobtainable by other kinds of ice.

Are you searching for ice sculpture carving service or specifically ice balls for your whisky?

Welcome to Whisky Ice Ball Singapore | Whiskey Ice Ball : Where to Buy Ice Ball in Singapore?

Have you ever wondered how an Ice Ball is hand crafted and carved from scratch using an experienced and skilled ice carver’s hand and tools only…

Have you every wondered… Why are bartenders using spherical balls of ice in drinks, nowadays?

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