Ice Sculpture Singapore Price

Ice Sculpture Singapore Price : What is the cost of an Ice Sculpture?

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Tuck Lee does customised Ice Sculptures for Branding, Product Launch, Exhibitions, Events, Weddings and Special Occasions

Have you ever been wow by an amazing ice sculpture or an ice art centerpiece that is simply carved out of an ice block by a skilled ice carving master-craftsman? 

  • Customised ice sculptures that are ideal for any occasions: Corporate events, Weddings, Birthday parties. Call us for your Corporate & private events now!
  • Wedding ice sculpture service – ice sculpture price
  • Ice carving, Ice luge, Ice sculpture, Ice Sculptor, ice balls for drinks
  • Ice Sculpture for any event!

The price of an ice sculpture depends greatly on the design, delivery time as well as complexity of the installation process and the time needed for the ice sculpture to last; speak to us so that we can give you a very quick cost estimate for your budgeting purposes.

Contact Ice Sculptor Singapore and allow us to customise your ice sculptures and tailor to all your ice sculpture or ice carving needs for your wedding, event or private functions!