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Looking for an Ice Sculptor in Singapore?

Looking for an Ice Sculpture Artist?

It does not mater what search term you used to get to this Ice Sculptor page, we know that you might need the services of an ice sculptor for your wedding, corporate event, product launch, ice branding.

Tuck Lee Ice is the Ice Sculpture expert or ice expert that can do the ice carving for ice bar, ice luge, 3d ice logo, embedded logo ice sculpture and even product embedded ice sculpture for example embedded flower ice sculpture, embedded alcohol bottle ice sculpture, vodka ice luge, large ice sculptures as well as ice logo or even an ice sculpture that is shaped in the form of everyday objects that we see like car ice sculpture, eagle ice sculpture and Merlion ice sculpture just to name a few.

We can also do festive ice sculptures like Christmas theme ice sculpture, Halloween ice sculpture, Hari Raya ice sculpture, Deepavali Ice sculptures and even National day related ice sculptures.

Contact Ice Sculptor Singapore and allow us to customise your ice sculptures and tailor to all your ice sculpture or ice carving needs for your wedding, event or private functions!

    Please state the details as to date, location and any specific requirement that your event or wedding requires. Thanks.