Life-sized Ice Sculpture : Game of Thrones Ice Sculpture (Game of Thrones Ice Throne in Singapore)

Everybody loves a Life-sized Ice Sculpture!

Did anybody mentioned the Game of Thrones Ice Throne Sculpture? Who wouldn’t love a full size ice sculpture… and imagine having an ice throne where you can sit on and have a feel to how it is like being a king!

Game of Thrones Ice Sculpture

ice sculpturing - ice throne - game of thrones ice sculpture


Life-sized ice sculpture of Game Of Throne’s Iron Throne in Singapore

Ice sculpturing – Ice throne – Game of Thrones Ice Sculpture

Winter is coming, which means it’s a perfect time to claim the Iron Throne in Singapore. With the seventh season of Game Of Thrones, HBO Asia have upped the festivities by bringing a life-sized ice sculpture of the Iron Throne here in Singapore!

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    We simply love the Life-sized Ice Sculpture | Game of Thrones Ice Sculpture!