Frozen Flowers Ice Sculpture | Logo embedded Ice Sculpture

Corporate Event Ice Sculpture | Corporate Events and Weddings‎ Beautiful ice sculpture with fresh flowers frozen inside! This is an Ice Sculpture that is perfect as a Wedding Centerpiece with frozen flowers in the middle. How beautiful will such a … Continued

Life-sized Ice Sculpture : Game of Thrones Ice Sculpture (Game of Thrones Ice Throne in Singapore)

Everybody loves a Life-sized Ice Sculpture! Did anybody mentioned the Game of Thrones Ice Throne Sculpture? Who wouldn’t love a full size ice sculpture… and imagine having an ice throne where you can sit on and have a feel to … Continued

Wedding Ice Sculptures | Hire Ice Sculpture | Ice Sculpture Artist in Singapore

Ice Sculpture Design & Installation | Ice Sculpture Artist in Singapore for Wedding & Corporate Events Introducing Wedding Ice Sculptures… This Ice Sculpture Singapore website is launched by Tuck Lee Ice.Welcome to Ice Sculpture Singapore! Ice Sculpture  |   Wedding Ice … Continued