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Tuck Lee Ice have been known for the design, carving and installation of Ice Sculptures for Weddings and Events for many many years. Are you searching for an ice sculptor or ice carver that is able to design. carve and deliver that perfect dream ice sculpture that you always wanted? Contact Tuck Lee ice today!

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Ice Sculpture Singapore - Ice Ball, Ice Carving

You have landed on this page because you have been searching for Ice Sculpture Singapore or an ice sculptor or maybe even an ice carving company or ice sculpture company that is based in Singapore that will be able to support in designing and installing wedding ice sculptures or corporate ice sculptures and even custom ice sculptures like :

  • Ice Logo Sculptures
  • 3d Ice Sculptures
  • Love-themed Ice Sculptures
  • National Day Ice Sculptures, Merlion Ice Sculpture
  • Creation and installation of custom ice luges as well as full fledge ice bar sculptures

Come speak to Ice Sculpture Singapore (Tuck Lee Ice), tell us what you need and let our ice sculptor do the rest; your satisfaction guaranteed!

Ice Sculpture Singapore – Matua’s Breaking The Ice; World’s First Iceberg Pool Bar


Matua’s Breaking The Ice event with the World’s First Iceberg Pool Bar for a new way to refresh at W Singapore was held on 14 April 2018.

The World’s First Iceberg Pool Bar, made entirely out of ice, the iceberg-shaped pool bar is the first of its kind in the world and the party is set to last and go on as long as the ice bar does!

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  • With a reputation for amazing pool parties, the W Singapore, hosted this exciting event where the DJ kept the mood relaxed while the drinks flow.
  • Guests were able to cool off with a chilled glass of Matua, a frozen Matua slushie or a crisp, refreshing Matua Sangria developed by the W’s famed mixologist. It was indeed an afternoon of pure fun in the sun!

Branding with Ice (Ice Branding) | Corporate Events and Weddings‎

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The Tuck Lee brand has been trusted by generations of Singaporeans for the delivery of Premium Ice and our unparalleled services. Tuck Lee has over the years been well known for our quality Ice Sculpture and Ice Carving creations by our master Ice craftsman, ice carver and ice sculptor!


You can be sure that you get quality Ice Sculpture from us!

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Ice Sculpture Singapore - Ice Ball, Ice Carving

Do you Need Ice Sculpture for your Product Launch, Corporate Branding Exercise or Wedding Celebrations?

Welcome to the World of Ice Sculptures! You will be amazed on what Ice Sculptures may be Carved from Ice…

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Ice Sculpture Carving Singapore: Ice Sculptures for any event.

Today, our clients know that our services go beyond ice manufacturing. Tuck Lee is called upon often to assist companies in ice-related brand-enhancement exercises through delicately hand crafted ice carvings and ice sculptures.


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Ice Sculpture Singapore - Ice Ball, Ice Carving